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Start-up Process

Charter Schools Program (CSP) Assurances - State Educational Agencies CSP - Assurances for SEA

Charter School Start-up Grant

Charter school start-up funds support the initial planning and implementation of new charter schools. Start-up grants are only allowed for 36 months. The charter school must open within 18 months of the grant award in order to continue receiving funding. Once students begin to attend the charter school, grant funds may not be used for operating costs.

To be eligible for charter school start-up funds, the applicant must have authorization by the State Board of Education to move forward with their charter. Upon authorization, the charter school must become established as a non-profit organization.

New Hampshire’s highest priority for awarding CSP funds will be for schools that propose to improve academic academic achievement for students who are at greatest risk of not meeting state academic standards or completing high school.

Charter School Start-up grant applications proposing the enrollment of a majority of students whose home attendance districts are considered chronically low performing as indicated by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) classification, “District in Need of Improvement.” Applications submitted that meet this priority will receive a competitive scoring advantage and will be eligible for a 10% higher grant award.

STEP 2 - Once your Charter School has been authorized to open you may then apply for the federally funded Charter School Start-up Grant (CFDA 84.282A)

  • Charter School Start-Up Grant Funding Application
    The Charter School Start-up Grant RFP Acrobat Reader is used to apply for federal start-up funds to assist newly
    authorized charter schools in its planning and implementation phase. The start-up funds are to be used for planning and design of the educational program and initial implementation of the charter school. Start-up grants are awarded for a period of up to three years; the charter school must open within 18 months.
    • Scoring Rubric for New Charter School Applicants Start-up scoring rubric - a review panel will evaluate each start-up grant application based on the scoring rubric. The review criteria is based on a 100-point scale weighted across eight (8) components. Please review the scoring rubric and address each of the eight (8) components within your start-up grant application.
  • Please submit your completed start-up application to the Charter School Office. Much of the application may be cut/pasted from your initial charter approval application. The budget portion of this application should only show the projected expenditures of the requested funding broken down for each of the three years (see example blank budget template) Excel and include a narrative section for each projected expenditure. The Charter School Office will assign reviewers to evaluate the application. Compiled feedback will be forwarded to the applicant which may result in a request to modify the application. Final approval will be given by the Commissioner of Education.

Fiscal Requirements for a new Charter School - newly established charter schools are required to submit the following: Vendor application, Alternate W-9 form, Reporting Agency(RA) Request form, and General Assurances form.

The Charter School Program federal funds cannot be distributed to a Foundation; funds must go directly to the Charter School. All required paperwork must be completed in order for a charter school to become established in the State of New Hampshire's accounting system as well as to receive funds. Please refer to the Fiscal Agent Requirements in order to complete the necessary paperwork.

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