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Directory of NH Translators/Interpreters

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program
New Hampshire Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2034
Bureau of Integrated Programs-Title III

Table of Contents

Section 1 Alphabetical Listing of Translators/Interpreters by Name

Section 2 Alphabetical Listing of Translators/Interpreters by Language


This directory has been created to help New Hampshire school administrators find translators and interpreters who speak in the native language of English Language Learners and their parents. Please keep in mind that education is the expertise of most of the individuals who are listed in the directory. If you are seeking a translator or interpreter for medical or legal purposes, please contact Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center at or the Minority Health Coalition at For information on special education assessments, please contact at the Bureau of Special Education.

Although a person's ability to speak a particular language is often the only criterion a district uses in the hiring process, the following guidelines should be considered to achieve best results. These guidelines can also be used to develop a series of interviewing questions when hiring translators and interpreters.

Linguistic Competencies

  • ability to comprehend and converse effectively in English and the targeted language
  • proficiency in both reading and writing in English and the targeted language
  • ability to paraphrase effectively
  • ability to adjust to different levels of language complexity
  • working knowledge of educational terminology

Professional Competencies

  • ability to function as a member of a team
  • ability to maintain confidentiality
  • respect for the feelings of students and their parent s
  • impartiality
  • respect for the roles of other professionals involved
  • knowledge of child development and cross-cultural variables
  • understanding of educational procedures and the assessment process

Translation of School Documents

Under federal law, school districts are required to provide translations of key school documents and assessment information to the extent practicable. Such documents may include: Home Language Survey, parental notification letters for ESOL program placement and reclassification of students, assessment score reports, grade reports, basic school notices (permission for field trips, school closings, etc.), application for free and reduced lunch, and parent handbook. Translations should be documented with the name, current address, e-mail, and telephone number of the person who was hired to do the work. If a translation of an essential school document cannot be done for a particular language, an effort must be made to find a qualified adult who can provide an oral interpretation of the document for the student and/or the student's parents or guardian.

Interpretation Services

School districts may need to provide oral interpretation services for school enrollment (including completion of the Home Language Survey) and conferences between parents and teachers or guidance counselors. An interpreter may also be needed when discussing possible referrals for special education services. Please note: Interpretation should be provided by a qualified adult; in educational settings, it is inappropriate to ask a child or student under 18 years of age to interpret for teachers, parents, counselors, or administrators.

Contracts with Translators and Interpreters

The local school district, not the New Hampshire Department of Education, is responsible for hiring translators, interpreters, and professionals to conduct assessments. The responsibility for contracting and paying for such services remains with the individual school district.

The New Hampshire Department of Education has made every effort to compile a directory that is accurate and useful; however, inclusion in this directory does not constitute an endorsement by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Please report any problems or changes to the directory to the Title III/ESOL office (603) 271-2034

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Section 1, Alphabetical Listing of Translators/Interpreters by Name

Name Location Telephone E-mail Language(s)
Aljobori, Manar Summitt, NJ

(603) 717-4508 (cell) Arabic
Amharic to Zulu WORDS Foreign Language Translation and Interpreting Services, Inc. Manchester, NH (603) 668-6804 (website)

All Languages
Argenti, Ferdinando Methuen, MA (978) 685-7365 Italian
Barrett, Hatsue Tilton, NH (603) 286-2845 Japanese

Baystate Interpreter

Jeff LeBlanc

Gardner, MA (888) 663-8000 All Languages
Bergquist, Sandra Lancaster, NH (603) 788-4009 Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Bica, Persefoni Concord, NH (603) 715-1970 Albanian
Bola-Ferriero, Maria Nashua, NH (603) 860-0028 Romanian, Moldovan, Spanish
Camino, Alfredo Nashua, NH (603) 828-2701 Spanish
Chen, Enchi Scarborough, ME (207) 510-1239 Chinese (Mandarin & other dialects), Japanese
Childers, Jui-Fei(Fay) Henniker, NH

(603) 995-4159
(603) 848-3430 (cell) Chinese - Mandarin
Clifford, Sigita Amherst, NH (603) 672-8217
(603) 424-6215
Lithuanian, Russian
Dumont, Melissa Bedford, NH (603) 472-2708 Spanish
Forbes, Marina New Eng. Lang. Ctr., Rochester, NH (603) 332-2255 Russian, Ukranian
Forbes, Robert New Eng. Lang. Ctr., Rochester, NH (603) 332-2255 Spanish, All Major Languages
Gnawali, Basu Cambridge, MA (603) 892-9529 Nepali
Hebra, Consuelo Merrimack, NH (603) 424-2266 Spanish
Hirsch, Sarah Bradford, NH (603) 938-2833 Spanish
Language Bank Concord, NH (603) 410-6183
1-800-244-8119 All Major languages and more
Li, Rong Londonderry, NH (603) 275-2496 Chinese
Long, Ammie Derry,NH (603) 289-1624 Chinese Mandarin
Migalli, Nabil Manchester, NH (603) 669-6253
(603) 361-0251 Arabic

MultiLingual Links, LLC

Ntabaganyimana, Augustin

Manchester, NH 1-800-679-9217

All Major Languages and more
Oldford, Deborah Nashua, NH (603) 889-1141 Spanish
Sterling, Jiansheng Liu Hillsborough, NH (603) 464-3294 Mandarin Chinese
Sterling Jr, Walter Hillsborough, NH (603) 464-3294 Spanish, Portuguese
Stickney, Soo Jin Hampton Falls, NH (603) 929-7996 Korean
Tousignant, John P. Concord, NH (603) 204-7680 French
TransACT Communications

All Major Languages and more
Vaidya, Elma Nashua, NH (603) 882-7341 Hindi, Urdu
Valladares, Rachel Concord & Henniker, NH (603) 391-7058 Spanish
Vozlinski Lehman , Inna Rochester, NH (603) 817-6521 Russian
Wali, Hayat A. Concord, NH (603) 224-4870
(603) 470-7022 Arabic
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Section 2, Alphabetical Listing of Translators/Interpreters by Language


Name Telephone
Bica, Persefoni

(603) 715-1970




Name Telephone
Aljobori, Manar

(603) 518-5619

(603) 717-4508 (cell)

Migalli, Nabil (603) 669-6253
(603) 361-0251
Wali, Hayat A. (603) 224-4870
(603) 470-7022


Name Telephone
Chen, Enchi (Mandarin & other dialects) (207) 510-1239
Childers, Jui-Fei ("Fay") (Chinese - Mandarin ) (603) 995-5199
(603) 848-3430 (cell)
Li, Rong (Chinese-Mandarin) (603) 275-2496
Long, Ammie (Chinese - Mandarin ) (603) 289-1624
Sterling, Jiansheng Liu (Chinese - Mandarin) (603) 464-3294


Name Telephone
Tousignant, John P. (603) 204-7680


Name Telephone
Vaidya, Elma (603) 882-7341
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Name Telephone
Argenti, Ferdinando (978) 685-7365
Bergquist, Sandra (603) 788-4009


Name Telephone
Barrett, Hatsue (603) 286-2845
Chen, Enchi (217) 384-8232


Name Telephone
Stickney, Soo Jin (603) 929-7996


Name Telephone
Clifford, Sigita (603) 672-8217
(603) 424-6215


Name Telephone
Gnawali, Basu (603) 892-9529
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Name Telephone
Bergquist, Sandra (603) 788-4009
Sterling Jr, Walter (603) 464-3294


Name Telephone
Bola-Ferriero, Maria C. (603) 860-0028


Name Telephone
Clifford, Sigita (603) 672-8217
(603) 424-6215
Forbes, Marina (603) 332-2255
Vozlinski Lehman, Inna (603) 817-6521


Name Telephone
Bergquist, Sandra (603) 788-4009
Bola-Ferriero, Maria C. (603) 860-0028
Camino, Alfredo (603) 828-2701
Dumont, Melissa (603) 472-2708
Forbes, Robert (603) 332-2255
Hebra, Consuelo (603) 424-2266
Hirsch, Sarah (603) 938-2833
Oldford, Deborah (603) 889-1141
Sterling Jr, Walter (603) 464-3294
Valladares, Rachel (603) 391-7058


Name Telephone
Vaidya, Elma (603) 882-7341
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