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Data Dictionary, Update History

Date Update

Data Dictionary Change - BOY & EOY Submissions

Residential Codes for the following are closed and no longer valid:

5 - Lebanon Hannah House

14 - Dover Our House


Data Dictionary Change - BOY

Half Days In Attendance (data element #300) and Half Days Absent (data element #310) are now a required field for the BOY submission.


Data Dictionary Change/Addition

Under Exit Code (data element #260), we have changed the description for W9 & have also added a new withdrawal code of W15.



Data Dictionary Change - BOY & EOY Submissions

Residential Codes for the following are closed and no longer valid:

2 - Monadnock Regional (3304890-01)

3 - Profile Northern NH Youth Services (3305830-01)

10 - Manchester Boylston Home (3304590-01)

12 - Concord Rolfe and Rumford (3302460-01)

17 - Manchester New Life

05/01/09 Data Dictionary Change - EOY: Academic Submissions

Two fields have been renamed in the EOY Academic submission. APIEL is now APJAPAN and should be used to report Japanese AP students and APMECH is now APITL and should be used to report Italian AP students.

The fields APEIL and APMECH will no longer be available.

11/19/08 Data Dictionary Change

Under Diploma Type (add):

4 - Received GED.

Under Promoted Indicator (language change):

3 - Completed, the student has completed his/her high school education (see diploma type for type for type of completion - e.g. standard diploma, certificate of attendance, GED. etc.).

Under Enrollment Status (add):

12 - (new 08-09) The student is enrolled in a GED Option program.

Under Exit Code (language change):

W11 - (update 08-09) Student graduated midyear or completed his/her high school education.

09/16/08 Data Dictionary Change

Under Diploma Type:

3 - Completed program with a certificate of attendance. [added language] (Note: generally used for students who complete their IEP or "age out" of the public school system.

7 - [added for 2008-2009] A diploma issued by adult education programs. (Note: This diploma typically exceeds the state minimum standards, but does not meet the qualifications for the High School Standard Diploma.)

Under Promoted Indicator:

1 - [language change] The student will remain in the same grade next year.

Under Enrollment Status

9 - The student is a special education student placed by the district in a nonpublic school

05/06/08 Data Dictionary Change

The Sped Nonpublic submission will no longer be a separate end of year submission. It will be part of the EOY Enrollment submission. These EOY records will have an Enrollment Status of 9.

02/20/08 Data Dictionary Change: See New Policy and Procedures Manual under Other Support.
02/14/08 Data Dictionary Change

Due to Federal Requirements, we have removed code 6 - Student is homeless and living in another or unknown situation. You will need to select one of the valid codes (1-5) - see the data dictionary.

09/17/07 Data Dictionary Change

We have added a new EnrollmentStatus Code to the list of valid codes in the Data Dictionary under BOY and EOY Enrollment submissions.

11 (new 07-08) - The student is a Foreign Exchange student.

09/12/07 Data Dictionary Change

We have modified the Submission Course and Student Class Submissions. For Submission Course, we have made the CourseId optional (it is no longer required). We have also made the fields LocalClassCode and LocalClassName required for this submission.

For the Student Class Submission, we have removed the CourseId field and in its place we have added the LocalClassCode field to this submission.

08/28/07 Data Dictionary Change

Beginning with the 2007-2008 BOY files, the entry and exit codes have been modified as communicated this past spring. Additionally, we have added enrollment code '8' to track students who are attending alternative high schools. The new codes can be found in the data dictionary and explained under TIP 18 - Technical Advisory Student Accounting.

02/15/07 Data Dictionary Change

The NECAP Label Submission has been renamed the NECAP and Alt Assessment Label Request Submission. To enable us to use the same submission for multiple assessments we are changing the submission format. The field "LASID" is to now be "Type of Assessment". See the data dictionary for field description and valid values for this column.

03/20/06 Data Dictionary Change

AP codes and descriptions have been rewritten. The three newly worded codes for each AP Course are:

1. Student has taken the AP course, but did not take the AP test.
2. Student has taken the AP course, and has taken the AP test.3. Student did not take the AP course, but did take the AP test

03/20/06 Data Dictionary Change

Diploma Type codes and descriptions have changed. The available codes are:

1. Graduated from general education with a standard diploma
2. Graduated from general education with standard diploma with distinction (eg. international baccalaureate)
3. Completed program with a certificate of attendance
4. [this code is not currently used]
5. Other program completer, not meeting graduation requirements but have finished their high school program6. Graduated from general education with state minimum diploma

03/20/06 Data Dictionary Change

In the EOY submission, the SpedisID has been deleted. It has been replaced with a field called OrigGradField. This field should represent the original year the student was expected to graduate. That is, four years after the student is promoted from 8th grad to 9th grade.

11/04/05 Data Dictionary Change - Addition of 2 Residential Homes

The Residential Home codes were expanded to add two homes. This was done a couple of months ago, but we neglected to add an update entry. The additional codes are; 16 - Somersworth Malley Farm for Boys and 17 - Manchester New Life.

10/27/05 Data Dictionary Change - ReadingRecovery

For 2004-2005, you do NOT need to identify all 2nd grade students who participated in the Reading Recovery program during 1st grade! Please report only 1 st graders who participated any time in 2004-2005

09/29/05 Data Dictionary Change - PostGradPlans

Two new codes have been added to the valid status codes for PostGradPlans. They are:

14 - Other programs (1 year or less than a year)
5 - Returning to Secondary School for Post graduate study

09/04/05 Data Dictionary Change - TownResponsible

The value of 990 should be used for Town Responsible for parent or other paid. (The value for District Responsible has not changed and should still be 930).

08/29/05 I4see workbench now available for EOY and BOY submissions

The ESS Submissions Workbench is now ready to accept uploads of your End of Year Enrollment files and Beginning of Year files. Training for these submissions will be available in September.

07/24/05 Data Dictionary Change - TownResponsible & DistrictResponsible

The value of 930 should be used for parent or other paid (see data dictionary for further explanations).

07/24/05 Data Dictionary Change - EOY: Academic Submissions

Three fields; SAU, Dist and School have been added to this submission (see data dictionary for further explanations).

07/14/05 Data Dictionary Change - Full Day Percent - Min Length

The minimum length of the FullDayPercent field has been changed from 1 to 0. The field can be blank for children who are not in Pre-school or Kindergarten.

07/14/05 Data Dictionary Change - Promoted Indicator Min Length

The minimum length of the Promoted Indicator field has been changed from 1 to 0. The field can be blank in the BOY submission. However, in the EOY submission the field can not be blank.

06/20/05 Single SASID Submissions Now Available

The ESS Submissions Workbench, now allows users to enter a request for a single SASID online, rather than having to upload a file. Log into the Workbench and select the SASID form - you will then see the Single Submission button on the top of the workbench.

Potential Duplicate Contact Information has been Updated

If you submit a request for a SASID and you find that the student already has a SASID, the system will now provide additional information to help track down the SASID. Where available the specific school that requested the SASID will be available. Additionally, the SAU contact and the person who submitted the initial SASID request will be provided.

03/01/05 The comment has been removed from the Support Guide suggesting that districts send their SASID request files for each school. Districts can send one file for the entire district (i.e. to request SASIDs for all students in the district). Alternatively, the request can be broken out by school or other groups, but this is completely up to the choice of your district.
02/28/05 SIS Vendor Contacts TIP document updated

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