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Assessment Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Builder FAQ’s

Q1. Is it absolutely necessary to have a certain kind of bubble scanner to scan answer sheets?

A1. Performance Plus requires that the data from bubble sheets are scanned in, in a specific .csv format. As long s you can scan the bubble sheets, in the correct format, you can use any scanner and software you would like. P+ offers their proprietary bubble reader software that can work with multiple scanners. To learn more about their software and recommended scanners, you can contact the P+ customer service. You can also contact the DOE at Lisa Kaim:603-271-8049 or and we can put you in touch with other NH schools that are scanning bubble sheets.

Q2. If our school has Performance Tracker, do we automatically have Assessment Builder?

A2. Yes. The state has paid for districts to use Assessment Builder during the 2009-2010 school year. At no expense to districts, Assessment Builder Software provides you with the ability to:

  • Access to thousands of content questions in the content library?
  • Import national and other third party assessments?
  • Create local assessments?
  • Manually score local assessments?
  • Create surveys for students?
  • Create competency frameworks and track student progress?

Q3. How does the funding work for Assessment Builder?

A3. See previous question for explanation of free services. In addition, for a fee, districts can get:

  • Bubble Reader Software for creating and scanning bubble sheets
  • An on-site implementation meeting and follow up project management
  • Assistance with analysis or setup of common local assessment frameworks
  • Ability to load historical local assessment data
  • Assessment Builder training
  • Support to set-up Bubble Reader software
  • On-Line Assessments (OLA) capability to conduct student assessments using the computer

Q4. Can Assessment Builder be used to record class grades?

A4. Tying assessments to standards, and tracking progress is the intended use of Assessment Builder. The creators of the tool likely had periodic grade-level common assessments in mind. However, if as a teacher, you are designing monthly assessments to track progress with standards, Assessment Builder can be used that way as a tool to form fluid groups and differentiate instruction.

Q5. Can Assessment Builder be used to create benchmark assessments that include our own items, not Content Library items?

A5. Yes. Assessments can be built with Content Library test questions or teacher-created or borrowed test questions. You will have the option to type in your own questions, download images and reading passages as needed.

Q6. How do you put in graphs and images for math questions or reading passages for example?

A6. See Link:

Q7. Our school gives the PALS test for example. How would we get those results into Assessment Builder if they are not computerized?

A7. If the results are in a data file (eg. An Excel or .csv file, then you can send the results to P+ and they will load the results into Assessment Builder. If the results are not computerized, then you will have to create a test framework for PALS (or whichever assessment) in Assessment Builder test and enter in the results by hand or upload as an excel file by matching student ID #s.

Q8. If we want to add additional assessments to the assessments already in Performance Tracker, what is the cost and the process?

A8. There is no cost to enter up to two additional assessments. You will need to send your results to Performance Plus and they will load them in.

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